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Oven Dial Thermometer, Fridge/Freezer Thermometer, Milk & Coffee Thermometer, Meat Roasting Thermometer....
Design and Operation
Model Description:
Oven Dial Thermometer 50mm Stainless steel dial*Suitable for hanging or sitting on oven shelf.
Fridge/Freezer Thermometer 50mm Stainless steel dial*With black marking indicating recommended temperature zones.
Milk & Coffee Thermometer 45mm dial with 125 or 175mm stainless probe*Green and red zones enabling fast and easy temperature reading.
Meat Roasting Thermometer 50mm dial*Black animal sybmols and red zones indicating correct temperatures.
Max Min & Hygrometer 100mm gilt dial with max min temperature & humidity reading.
Max & Min Thermometer Robust design Max min thermometer*Fully protected bulb*Press button reset.
Floating Pool Thermometer  Thermometer to monitor the temperature of ponds and pools
Bitumen Thermometer 16mm diameter spike ended stainless steel stem diecast aluminum case
Pocket Dial Thermometer 41mm Dial Bimetallic Coil*100mm Stainless Steel probe
PH Meter 175mm metal probes*Strong plastic cases
Scoop & Cup Thermometer 250mm stainless steel scale plate with red spirt thermometer*Case copper sheet
Benifits and Features :
Brannan cosnumer thermometers are mercury free and are manufactured using wide choice of organic, non hazardous filling materials. The thermoemeter are manufacutred as per British and European Standards and form the basis of the design and manufacture of these thermometers.