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Temperature & Instrumentation
    Industrial Thermometers  «   »
Design and operation
Model Description:
SX9 Solar Therm Light-Powered Digital Thermometer
Adjustable Angle Series Recognized globally as the Trerice "BX" Industrial Thermometer, this is an instrument of extreme accuracy and rugged dependability.
Rigid Stem Series Offered for applications where a non-adjustable case is preferred.
BX Plus Series The Trerice BX-Plus has all the standard features of the original BX Series Industrial Thermometer, but allows for remote temperature monitoring, while simultaneously providing local indication.
Retort Series (Obsolete) For food processing. Obsolete: Please contact M&M Control for possible replacement.
Hydro-Therm Series The Trerice Hydro-Therm is the ideal instrument for both hot and chilled water hydronic applications.
Econo-Therm Series The Trerice Econo Thermometer provides accuracy and durability at an economical price.
Options & Accessories  
Thermowells for Industrial Thermometers SX9 Solar, AX9, BX9, CX9 Adjustable Angle, AX, BX, CX Rigid Stem, BX Plus
Thermowells for Econo Thermometers
For 4350 Econo Thermometers
Benifits and Features :
Trerice Industrial Thermometers are either of the liquid-in-glass or light-powered digital type.